- 28.11.2021

Seoul Architecture Biennale

The Circa Diem project is developed by EPFL and HEAD – Genève for the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021. The installation raises awareness about the impact of our daily exposure to light and its dynamics in dense urban environments, exploring its relationship with our so-called “circadian rhythms.”


- 12.09.2021

Salone del Mobile Milano

The Korova Milk Bar is a fictional night bar from Stanley Kubrick's 1971 film, A Clockwork Orange. Even though the original venue only existed as fiction, its transgressive environment has made the bar a cult, to the point of providing inspiration for several real nocturnal places around the world.


- 31.10.2021

Design Parade Toulon

In 1965, interior architect Robert Haussmann created the Kronenhalle Bar in Zurich. In 2021 HEAD - Genève revisits the nocturnal side of Kronenhalle for Design Parade Toulon, exploring the role of the original lamps and artificial lighting in the construction of contemporary interiors.


F’AR Lausanne

Restaurants and bars are the defining nightlife meeting places, scenes of complex human rituals skilfully constructed through interior architecture. Researcher Julien Zanetta explains banquet rituals and associated human behaviours throughout history, the point of departure of a special evening of sharing food served on a long banquet table crafted for the occasion.


F’AR Lausanne

The lighting aspect of the city is perceived as a parallel time-space to be experienced through lit and unlit territories. How has artificial light affected nightlife? What influences does light have on safety and night-time activities? This event explores those questions through a presentation by Isabelle Corten, lighting designer and expert, and a nocturnal walk led by the Stalker Collective/Osservatorio Nomade in the city of Lausanne.


F'AR Lausanne

The Club epitomizes both the nocturnal public agora and a laboratory for technological and multimedia experimentation. Embedded in a one-night club where visitors are encouraged to explore and use the space, architects Pol Esteve and Octave Perrault reflect upon nightclubs as architectural types and upon the Cruising Pavilion at the 2020 Venice Biennale. 


F’AR Lausanne

What makes the Film Theatre an extraordinary place is its capacity to isolate the audience from night or day, creating a space of endless temporality. Within an immersive scenography of cinematic boxes, director Matthieu Bareyre presents his latest film L’époque and discusses with Youri Kravtchenko the entanglements between night, space and architecture.


F’AR Lausanne

The Corner Shop may arguably be the ultimate night-time institution. Regularly open when other shops are closed, its cheap disruption of the circadian rhythm is explored here by proposing a spatial immersion into a reconstructed replica, where sociologist Sukhdev Sandhu and artist Martin Kohout discuss their latest vision of nocturnal working conditions.


- 04.11.2018

Designers' saturday Langenthal

Few temporal contexts define interior space more precisely than the night. Devoid of depth of vision, night instantly creates an enveloping space, the interior of the night. The installation plays with two paradigms of contemporary night: the rain in the urban exterior and the bar where one seeks shelter – an archetype of nocturnal pleasure.