SCÈNES DE NUIT ('Night Scenes', 2020-2022) is a research project" from HEAD – Genève (Geneva University of Art & Design, HES-SO) explores the role of night in the construction of contemporary cities and societies, illustrating how, still today, architectural theory and critique are associated with sunlight and diurnal paradigms. It is structured around the hypothesis that, since the 19th century, night has transformed not only night-time but most importantly daytime activities and architecture forever.

The project addresses the technologies, networks and forms of design deployed in nocturnal architectural spaces and their associated communities, engaging with both local and global audiences through a broad network of practitioners and theoreticians in architectural and night design, as well as experts from different fields, such as sociology, economics, philosophy and media studies, that are relevant to understanding the intersections between space, night and society at large. 

Scènes de Nuit presents nocturnal encounters seeking to examine and reflect upon the spaces, activities and media found in night culture, using evening events and ephemeral scenography as the main presentation platform. Research is conducted in various formats, temporalities and conditions, focusing on nocturnal architectural spaces through, but not limited to, inhabited scenography, performative exhibitions, international conferences, debates and screenings. Scènes de Nuit proposes that there is no difference between format and content, between the production of nocturnal knowledge and the scenography of night.

This project, led by Javier Fernandez Contreras, is funded by the strategic fund of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (fonds stratégique de la HES-SO) and by HEAD – Genève (Geneva University of Art & Design, HES-SO). See all research projects of HEAD – Genève here.


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