Study case 2: A Milk Bar, Curated by India Mahdavi
04.09.2021 - 12.09.2021, Salone del Mobile, Milano

A herbarium is a specimen that becomes its own image. Being multiform, it fluctuates between the image, the 1:1 model, and the object. Similarly, contemporary interiors take multiple directions, from the object to the image, from the media to the space. Despite their diverse forms of existence, spaces materialize in various instances and iterations. Do contemporary interiors resemble herbariums, spaces whose image oscillates between content and representation?

The Korova Bar is a fictional night bar from Stanley Kubrick's 1971 film, A Clockwork Orange. Within a dystopian atmosphere, the bar displays a series of naked lying caryatids serving “Moloko-Plus” (milk-plus), i.e. breast milk. Even though the original venue only existed as fiction, its transgressive environment has made the Korova Bar a cult, to the point of providing inspiration for several real nocturnal places around the world. 

Developed by students of MAIA, Master of Arts in Interior Architecture, Herbarium of Interiors revisits the Korova Bar for the Salone del Mobile 2021, exploring the role of image culture in the construction of contemporary interiors. The project thus aims to reframe the boundaries of interior architecture through parallel image-space domains, envisioning a new reality that bypasses traditional distinctions such as interior/exterior, public/private, original/sampled or tangible/mediated, ultimately reaffirming the role of interiors in the construction of contemporaneity.

Chief Curator: India Mahdavi
Studio Critic: Youri Kravtchenko
Product Design: Andrea Dalmas
Theory/Journalism: Lilet Breddels, Arjen Oosterman
Teaching Assistant: Manon Portera
Exhibition Assistant: Alice Proux
Students: Blanca Algarra, Kishan Asensio, Sarah Bentivigna, Dany-Sarah Champion,  Robin Delerce, Nina D’Elia, Azadeh Djavanrouh, Marina  Ezerskaia, Lolita Gomez, Camila González, Elizaveta Krikun, Nourbonou Missident, Filza Parmar, Patrycja Pawlik, Karen Pisoni, Louise Plassard, Léa Rime, Patris Sallaku, Camila González Tapia, Marion Vergne, Nobuyoshi Yokota
Head of the Department : Dr. Javier F. Contreras
Scientific Deputy: Valentina de Luigi
Advisory Board: Jean-Pierre Greff, Director HEAD - Geneva
Photos: HEAD – Genève, Michel Giesbrecht
Graphic Design: