- 30.07.2023

EPFL Pavilions, Lausanne

Through the lens of art, the exhibition Lighten Up! On Biology and Time explores the connection of living organisms with the natural cycle of light and dark. The project investigates our daily exposure to light, as well as its dynamics over time, as crucial elements of a healthy and sustainable life in dense urban environments.


Society of Architectural Historians, Montreal

The session Night Scenes: For a Nocturnal History of Architecture proposes new night-based historiographies of the discipline, with contributions by Chase Galis, Maria Shevelkina, Amy Chazkel, and Cat Rossi.


Fashion Show, HEAD – Genève

The scenography for the 2022 HEAD Fashion Show juxtaposes and combines virtuality with physicality, exploring the presence of human bodies in the material world, and, conversely, delving into the interaction of avatars in nocturnal virtual spaces.


- 17.06.2022

HEAD – Genève

Insomnia investigates how nocturnal awakening functions as a space for unexpected narratives, displacements, and architectural emancipation. The studio employs cinematic long takes and scale models as its primary research tools.


- 31.01.2022

HEAD – Genève

Developed as part of the Master of Arts in Interior Architecture (MAIA) at HEAD – Genève, this series of theses explores the role of night in the development of contemporary cities and societies, challenging the obliteration of night in the construction of architectural discourse and agency.


Grand-Saconnex, Geneva

Nightcrawl offers an exploration of the Grand-Saconnex municipality and its thresholds as day turns into night. The project focuses on how the falling night impacts this part of the city in various ways, encompassing illumination, sound, and the utilization of spaces—residential, industrial, infrastructural, and liminal.


- 25.02.2022

HEAD – Genève

Movie Set is a workshop led by set designer Florian Sanson, renowned for his work on the sets of Alice Winocour’s Proxima and Leos Carax’s Annette. It constructs a film set for capturing fragments of nocturnal domesticity, artificially recreated from dusk to dawn within the Cube space at HEAD – Genève.


- 25.02.2022

HEAD – Genève

Des Corps Dans la Nuit interrogates the night’s western imaginaries as a space of fear, insecurity, and abnormality, perpetuating a gendered polarization of bodies and urban spaces. Workshop organized by the Interior Architecture Department of HEAD – Genève in partnership with the Architecture Department of EPFL.


Ediciones Asimétricas

The result of the eponymous 2019 exhibition at f'ar Lausanne, this book explores the spaces, activities, and media influenced by night culture. Its five chapters—Shop, Film, Club, Food, and City—take readers on a journey through the nocturnal practices and rituals associated with corner shops, cinemas, nightclubs, restaurants, and artificially lit urban environments.


- 08.12.2021

HEAD – Genève

Images That Change the Way We See is a lecture by Elliot Woods for the ‘Nocturnal Perspectives’ lecture series. Woods discusses the work of South Korean duo Kimchi and Chips, which focuses on the role of artworks and images in changing the way we perceive our everyday world.