Spector Books

This book offers a first chronological exploration of A Nocturnal History of Architecture, spanning over 2000 years across different continents and geographies. From the darkness of Greek temples to the lit-up American suburbia, and from moon-inspired Japanese aesthetics to Italian nightclubs, it reveals how human identity and spaces are inseparable from the night.


Materia Arquitectura No. 24

This essay explores the development of the research project Scènes de Nuit since 2019 through exhibitions, lectures, and workshops, aiming to generate a nocturnal epistemology of architecture.


HEAD – Genève

Developed as part of the Master of Arts in Interior Architecture (MAIA) program at HEAD – Genève, this series of theses investigates the role of night in shaping contemporary cities and societies, addressing its significance for architectural theory.


Ediciones Asimétricas

The result of the eponymous 2019 exhibition at f'ar Lausanne, this book explores the spaces, activities, and media influenced by night culture. Its five chapters—Shop, Film, Club, Food, and City—take readers on a journey through the nocturnal practices and rituals associated with corner shops, cinemas, nightclubs, restaurants, and artificially lit urban environments.


Interiority Vol. 4, Plan Libre No. 179

"Taking pictures at night is very difficult because you only have about 20 minutes; the sun is going down. There's a moment when it's perfect, then it becomes less perfect, and finally, you can't do it because it's too dark. You need to see the outline of the building," Richard Levene, co-founder of El Croquis. Geneva, 2020