Society of Architectural Historians (SAH), Montreal

The session Night Scenes: For a Nocturnal History of Architecture proposes new night-based historiographies of the discipline, with contributions by Chase Galis, Maria Shevelkina, Amy Chazkel, and Cat Rossi.


- 08.12.2021

HEAD – Genève

Nocturnal Perspectives is a lecture series delving into night imagery and imaginaries, issues of nocturnal governance, and nightclub culture. The lineup includes contributions from Elliot Woods, Alessia Cibin, and Catharine Rossi, among others.


- 07.12.2021

HEAD – Genève

The international symposium, Nocturnal History of Architecture, traces a path from ancient to early modern times and from modernity to the present, analyzing nocturnal spaces that reveal neglected areas of scholarship and provide a laboratory for the development of alternative forms of architectural historiography.


HEAD – Genève

A leading figure of architectural photography, Bas Princen discusses with Javier F. Contreras and Leonid Slonimskiy the evolution of his career, including lesser-known nocturnal photographs, such as those featuring his trip to the Nile Valley.


Large Kiosk, Geneva

One of the most prestigious architectural magazines in the world, El Croquis almost never publishes nocturnal photographs of buildings. In conversation with Richard Levene, the magazine’s co-founder, Javier F. Contreras and Sven Högger address El Croquis’ evolution while examining its obliteration of night in architecture.


forum d’architectures I f’ar, Lausanne

A performative lecture by Daniel Zamarbide on the importance of peripheral night storylines in design history.