HEAD – Genève

A lecture by Léa-Catherine Szacka, in the framework of the Nocturnal Perspectives lecture series, curated by Vera Sacchetti. At the outset of the 1980s, the American pay television channel MTV, widely regarded as television's most inventive new form, started showing music videos around the clock for an avid young public. Generating a nonstop sequence of discontinuous episodes targeted to a specific demographic group, aged between 12 and 34 years old, MTV combined popular music with arresting and unconventional images to infiltrate the domestic space and disrupt programming and the more traditional family daily routine.


- 10.12.2021


Leading figure of architectural photography, Bas Princen will discuss how unlit spaces define contemporary urban landscape and architecture through the use of photography. In conversation with Javier F. Contreras and Leonid Slonimskiy in the framework of the public lecture TALKING HEADS.


Large Kiosk, Geneva

One of the most prestigious architectural magazines in the world, El Croquis almost never publishes nocturnal photographs of buildings. In conversation with Richard Levene, the magazine’s founder, Javier F. Contreras and Sven Högger address El Croquis’ evolution while examining its obliteration of night in architecture.


F'AR Lausanne

A performative lecture by Daniel Zamarbide on the importance of peripheral night practices in design history.