Ediciones Asimétricas

The result of the eponymous 2019 exhibition at f'ar Lausanne, this book explores the spaces, activities, and media influenced by night culture. Its five chapters—Shop, Film, Club, Food, and City—take readers on a journey through the nocturnal practices and rituals associated with corner shops, cinemas, nightclubs, restaurants, and artificially lit urban environments.


- 08.12.2021

HEAD – Genève

Nocturnal Perspectives is a lecture series delving into night imagery and imaginaries, issues of nocturnal governance, and nightclub culture. The lineup includes contributions from Elliot Woods, Alessia Cibin, and Catharine Rossi, among others.


- 07.12.2021

HEAD – Genève

The international symposium, Nocturnal History of Architecture, traces a path from ancient to early modern times and from modernity to the present, analyzing nocturnal spaces that reveal neglected areas of scholarship and provide a laboratory for the development of alternative forms of architectural historiography.


- 07.10.2021

Hiflow, Geneva

Nocturnal Still Life explores the nightly condition of the seabed and its liquid darkness, employing artificial organisms and watery light as props for nocturnal compositions. Plunged into darkness, the three-dimensional models serve as a canvas for photography or film within the framework of a large exploratory dinner organized at the creative lab Hiflow.


- 10.12.2021

HEAD – Genève

Cruising Pavilion is a course dedicated to exploring the history of diverse LGBTQI+ spaces for sexual encounters, inspired by the eponymous exhibition project presented in Venice, New York, and Stockholm.


- 24.09.2021

HEAD – Genève

Taking Geneva as a case study, the workshop After Sunset, Before Sunrise investigates the city’s transformation at the very ephemeral moment of sunset. How do changes in the city’s intangible elements influence the tangible ones, as well as our perception of them?


- 12.09.2021

Milan Design Week

The Korova Milk Bar is a fictional night bar from Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film, A Clockwork Orange. Although the original venue only existed in fiction, its transgressive environment bestowed cult status upon the bar, inspiring the creation of several real nocturnal establishments around the world.


Interiority Vol. 4, Plan Libre No. 179

"Taking pictures at night is very difficult because you only have about 20 minutes; the sun is going down. There's a moment when it's perfect, then it becomes less perfect, and finally, you can't do it because it's too dark. You need to see the outline of the building," Richard Levene, co-founder of El Croquis. Geneva, 2020


- 31.10.2021

Design Parade, Toulon

In 1965, interior architect Robert Haussmann created the Kronenhalle Bar in Zurich. In 2021, the exhibition Learning from Kronenhalle revisited the nocturnal dimension of the bar for the Design Parade Festival, with a particular focus on the original lamps and artificial lighting that define the place.


HEAD – Genève

A leading figure of architectural photography, Bas Princen discusses with Javier F. Contreras and Leonid Slonimskiy the evolution of his career, including lesser-known nocturnal photographs, such as those featuring his trip to the Nile Valley.