Inaugural workshop
20.09.2021 - 24.09.2021, Geneva

MAIA students from HEAD–Genève are invited to explore the seabed and dark through the design and production of still lifes with the constraint of not using for essential as food and light elements. Plunged into darkness, the three-dimensional paintings become a support for photography or film in order on the one hand to offer another look at the night on a different scale but also to project the result within the framework of a large exploratory dinner organized by HIFLOW and the designer Eléonore Pomace.

Teacher: Youri Kravtchenko
Assistant: Valentin Dubois
Students: Nell Beller, Emma Birbaud, Kevin Chellakudam, Thomas Dreux, Marine Evrard, Samia Hilal, Vilma Hubalek, Valeria Lydia Kraehenbuehl, Emma Launay, Lisa Maahsen, Camila Perna, Sandy Pitetti, Pablo Silva, Anaïs Youssefi, Elsa Audouin, Sarah Bentivegna, Robin Delerce, Azadeh Djavanrouh, Marina Ezerskaia, Thibault Krauer, Nourbonou Missidenti, Patrycja Pawlik, Louise Plassard, Patris Sallaku, Nobuyoshi Yokota
Partner: HiFlow
Jury: Eléonore Grignon, Séverine Redon
Chef: Alicia Rico
Head of the Department: Dr. Javier F. Contreras
Scientific Deputy: Valentina de Luigi