Studio plan-séquence
Spring semester 2022, HEAD – Genève

The long take
, a shot with a duration longer than the conventional editing pace of a film, often including significant camera movement and elaborate blocking, was the theme of an architectural studio that focused on the relationship between the moving image and the physical presence of night scenes that are “ready to be filmed,” as a pretext to explore, study, and reflect upon the nocturnal phenomenon of insomnia.

Insomnia, the “scourge of Western societies,” which affects close to 20% of the population according to INCERM, is a moment outside of time often seen as an endless, distressing experience by those who suffer from it. In this studio, BA students in Interior Architecture explore the slow and solitary dimension of this phenomenon by producing long takes that evoke a waking dream. By looking at the cinematic dimension of insomnia, the camera reveals the personality behind the awakened eye, identifying the space of the night in both its physical and temporal dimensions, and using the filmed model as a nocturnal research tool.

Studio Critic:  Youri Kravtchenko
Assistant: Cécile-Diama Samb
Students: Juliette Cornaz, Alexandra Miskufova, Leana Teixeira and other students
Head of the Department: Dr. Javier F. Contreras
Scientific Deputy: Valentina de Luigi