Bas Princen in conversation with Javier F. Contreras and Leonid Slonimskiy  
April 28, 2021  
Online, Geneva - Zurich

In this conversation, Bas Princen examines the evolution of his career, from the seminal book Artificial Arcadia to his recent collaborations with OFFICE KGDVS. A leading figure in architectural photography, Princen regularly avoids publishing nocturnal images, an aspect also addressed in the presentation, which includes lesser-known nighttime photographs, such as those featuring his trip to the Nile Valley.

The conversation is part of Unbeleuchtet, a workshop on nocturnal images led by Princen at HEAD – Genève, drawing inspiration from Gilbert Fastenaekens, specifically from the series Nights (1980-1987):

"Spaces that are literally kept in the dark have always been a substantial part of the public landscape of the city. Rarely are these spaces specifically designed or conceptualized; they most often simply exist. A space is left barely lit, and as a result, it might be filled with rubbish, overgrown with weeds and bushes, or even used by city dwellers in unexpected, unexplored ways. This is part of a romantic idea of the city, implying that there are places to escape to or in which to hide in plain sight. Where are these spaces in your city, do they actually exist? Can we visualize them, and can we be precise in describing and documenting them?"
Bas Princen, from the workshop syllabus


Workshop: Spring semester, 2021
Reference images: Gilbert Fastenaekens, from the series Nights (1980-1987)
Department of Interior Architecture, HEAD – Genève