Inside the night: the bar and the rain
02.11.2018, Designers' Saturday Langenthal


Few temporal contexts define interior space more precisely than the night. Devoid of depth of vision, night instantly creates an enveloping space, the interior of the night. The installation plays with two paradigms of contemporary night: the rain in the urban exterior and the bar where one seeks shelter – an archetype of nocturnal pleasure.

The two capsules presented revisit Adolf Loos’ American Bar project, from which they establish a set of opposites: The exterior of the bar, the façade and its urban context, are presented in a rainy interior, as a place of shelter. The interior of the bar is exposed, naked to the outside and subject to sophisticated changes of scale and materiality. The notion of roof as a defining feature of the interior is eliminated and replaced by the idea of the night, thereby transforming the meaning of the exposed interior spaces, i.e. a rainy, urban interior space versus a dry, outdoor bar area. As Loos himself once said in one of his many alterations between object and meaning :“I never think of the roof but of the rain”

HEAD - Genève won one of the three Special Mentions awarded by the Jury during the event, in a tie with The Peter Behrens School of FIne Arts Düssenldorf that shared the same exhibition space.

Adjacent to this reflection (…) students of HEAD – Genève present a Bar, another space of generosity, of the feast, the banquet that is the very heart of any society. What we see here is a built after-image of the famous Loos Bar in Vienna, but compressed to the minimum, with an exquisite material trompe-l’oeil, creating an altered form of stage for new collective rituals, and a reflection on the relation of original and copy, image and reality, and the potential of radicalized form. Very often, Design is not about a single genius working on his or her own - but about mutual inspiration, cooperation. The two Schools were invited to share a space. They did not see this as an annoyance, but a chance. They met. They communicated. (…) In both cases, Design is not reduced to the production of beautiful objects, but seen as a method to create spaces of hospitality and encounter, and a critical framework for very old, and amazingly new social rituals.

Studio tutor : Youri Kravtchenko
Assistants : Valentin Dubois, Alice Proux, Bertrand Van Dorp, Florine Wescher
Students : Estelle Béroujon, Camille Berra, Lolita Gomez, Lucien Muchutti, Jérôme Nager, Joëlle Progin, Alice Proux, Fanny Teka, Pascaline Vuilloud, Marie Widmer
Head of Department : Dr Javier Fernández Contreras
Scientific Deputy : Valentina de Luigi
Distinction: Special mention of jury
Photos : © HEAD – Genève, Baptiste Coulon