A nocturnal edition of El Croquis magazine
17.02.2020, Geneva

A virtual edition of El Croquis magazine, combining archive documentation and night photography of contemporary buildings in Geneva, under the direction of Richard Levene, founder of the magazine, with students at HEAD-Genève.  

El Croquis is one of the most prestigious architectural magazines in the world. Founded in 1982 by Richard Levene and Fernando Marquez, it publishes five monographs every year. The volumes dedicated to established Pritzker Prize names like OMA Rem Koolhaas, SANAA Sejima & Nishizawa, Herzog & de Meuron, Alvaro Siza or Rafael Moneo, are considered their respective oeuvre complète. The magazine almost never publishes nocturnal photographs of buildings. The same goes for other major architecture magazines. During SDTLP 2020, HEAD – Genève invited Richard Levene to create a “night edition” of El Croquis. The workshop focused on the idea that night is a forgotten paradigm in the construction of modern and contemporary architectural discourse. In order to fill this gap, students of HEAD – Genève’s various departments developed an El Croquis Night based on the magazine’s photographic and editorial language. Students spent two weeks photographing prominent contemporary buildings in Geneva, from blue hour to sunset under Levene’s supervision, a material that they later laid out and edited in a virtual edition of the journal. The combination of photographic portrayal, plan and text selection and editing of the collected material enabled students to understand El Croquis’ working methods.  

Workshop tutor: Richard Levene, co-founder of El Croquis
Concept: Javier F. Contreras
Assistant: Sven Högger
Students: Mélissa Ferrara,Marie Lesley Schild, Bénédict Jordan, Etienne Poncet, Natacha Todeschini, Bushra Fatima, Lydia Campana, Mélina Laville, Leelou Mathey-Doret Dit Doret, Jinuk Hong, Timéa Schmidt, Charlotte Roux, Sonia Vetsch, Maud Pomorski, Coline Schmaltzried, Emma Birbaud, Audrey Besanceney, Camille Maingret, Astrid Mayer, Geneviève Lynn Fejer
Photos: © HEAD – Genève, Michel Giesbrecht

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